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Our vision is to provide landowners the highest possible return on investment, while increasing profitability and growth.

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Our Operating Philosophy

Drastic changes are currently taking place in the crop agriculture industry. State Line Farms is preparing itself for long-term success. State Line Farms goal is to grow an efficient and profitable operation. Achieving this goal will allow us to ensure a good return on investment for landowners while securing a place for future generations. Landowners are our number one priority. We believe it is a major privilege to care for their land. We strive to maintain a prosperous relationship that benefits landowners with a fair return from their assets and promotes pride in their association with State Line Farms. We are keenly aware that many of our actions have a direct impact on the environment. We have implemented many practices and procedures to minimize any negatives and improve water quality and wildlife habitats. This not only improves farms, but also preserves and enhances our environment for the future.

Why State Line Farms?

State Line Farms has been growing faster than almost anyone in the business by showing an extremely high level of return on investment to their landowners. We are able to do this by willingness to adapt to changes in the industry. We are using the latest in equipment, fertilizer, seed, technologies, and every aspect of farming. We also focus heavily on our grain marketing, to get the most amount of money out of each bushel of corn or beans that we raise. Through these practices we can raise our level of income off of each farm, and in turn share that with our landowners. If you are looking for a tenant for your farm, we hope that you will choose State Line Farms.