State Line Farms Services

Let's Grow Together


Exceeding your expectations…that’s the goal of State Line Farms.  Why?  Because without you we wouldn’t exist!  So we have to put you first and take exceptional care of your land in order to keep farming your land in the future.  Retiring producers, investors and realtors choose State Line Farms to be their farming partner because of what we provide:

  • Annual report customized to your farm
  • Regular soil test with results shared with you to show we are maintaining/improving the fertility
  • Handle all FSA paperwork – hassle-free for you!
  • Regular communication to keep you informed
  • Help you find a buyer if you want to sell, or a seller if you want to buy
  • Mowing of roadsides to maintain appearance and pride in your farm
  • We even provide a pre-season tune-up of your personal mower

If you need a full-service tenant or just specific custom work, and want to be treated as you should be, then please contact us – we look forward to serving you.